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  • Juicer JE 206

    Juicer JE 206

    Color: White

    Made in: 300W

    Features: Juicer of new generation

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Color: Black

    Made in: 200W - 2000W

    Features: Cooking, frying, cooking soup, stew....


Product Details

Multi_Blender BL 639

Multi_Blender BL 639

Price: update

  • Color: White
  • Made in: 350W
  • Features:

    Blender, juice, soya-bean blend, grind pepper and coffee  

  • Particularity:

    4 in 1. Pureed the ice cubes. Stainless steel filter. Motor smooth generation. Safety lock

  • Capacity: 1,5L
  • Remarkable Features :

    Jar made of compound no swimming, no scratches, 3 speeds

  • Sheath: Synthetic resins, easy to clean
  • Automatically Shut:
  • BL 639 blender makes preparing nutritious drink for the whole family becomes convenient than ever!
  • Using the easy and fast execution time in seconds only
  • You can prepare fruit juices, blender, make the sauce, until processing aperitif dishes, desserts, dishes for any time period you want.
  • Can replace many different types of machines such as blender, juice extractor, soybean mill, grind pepper and coffee

  • Jar is made of compounds do not break, no scratches
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Motor of the new generation
  • Automatic shutdown when overloaded

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