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  • Juicer JE 206

    Juicer JE 206

    Color: White

    Made in: 300W

    Features: Juicer of new generation

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Color: Black

    Made in: 200W - 2000W

    Features: Cooking, frying, cooking soup, stew....


Product Details

Multi_Blender BL 799

Multi_Blender BL 799

Price: update

  • Color: White
  • Made in: 550W
  • Features:

    Blender, juice, grind meat, make soya-beans milk, dry milling, grinding coffee, sliced

  • Particularity:

    6in 1. Pureed the ice cubes. Stainless steel filter. Motor smooth generation. Safety lock

  • Capacity: 1,5L
  • Remarkable Features :

    Jar is made of compound no swimming, no scratches, 3 speeds

  • Sheath: Synthetic resins, easy to clean
  • Automatically Shut:
  • Multi_Blender BL 799 will help you accomplish all that needs to enjoy food in a most sophisticated, most economic time only in seconds, everything is done less than 10 seconds!
  • You can prepare fruit juices, vitamins, make the sauce, until processing aperitif dishes, desserts at any time you want. Especially with sliced function will help you make the simplest salad ever.
  • Using the easy and fast execution time in seconds only
  • Can replace many different types of machines such as blender, juice, meat grinding, dry grinding, grinding soy beans, sliced ...

  • Jar is made of compounds do not break, no scratches
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Motor of the new generation
  • Automatic shutdown when overloaded

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