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  • Juicer JE 206

    Juicer JE 206

    Color: White

    Made in: 300W

    Features: Juicer of new generation

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Infrared Cooker IFC 22TB

    Color: Black

    Made in: 200W - 2000W

    Features: Cooking, frying, cooking soup, stew....


Product Details

Hair-dryer HC 312

Hair-dryer HC 312

Price: Update

  • Color: Pink, violet fashion
  • Made in: 1000W
  • Features:

    Drying hair

  • Particularity:

    Foldable. Make sure the handles. Hanging grass. System when hot concentrated

  • Capacity: 0
  • Remarkable Features :

    Drying the new generation, two-speed

  • Sheath: Synthetic resins, to clean
  • Automatically Shut:
  • Hair Dryer generation
  • Compact design, fashion
  • 2 Wind regime
  • Capacity 1000 W

  • may need anti-scratch rubber
  • that can be folded for travel
  • beautiful colors and trendy

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